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"At this time of year, I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent, caring services of Kimberly and Kachiri. My recovery is taking a longer timeframe and I appreciate that Kimberly remains focused on providing wonderful service. And, Kachiri genuinely listens to my concerns and the massages are healing. "
Dec 17, 2020
"I had surgery a year ago and got the initial physical therapy from Sports Fit which has put me well beyond recovery and on to restoring full health and fitness. Pilates and some focused fitness training have been remarkably helpful and I feel better than years before the surgery. Dr. Rafael and his staff are very focused and attentive to my specific needs and I look forward to each session. "
Apr 11, 2018

Dr. Vincent Chen (Orthopedic Surgeon, Kaiser Permantente West Los Angeles):

Patient - with post rotator cuff repair - I referred to you has done well beyond my wildest expectations. I want to congratulate you on your work with him. Nice job!

Vincent Chen, MD, Department of Orthopaedics

Melissa L. (Shoulder Patient):

A hairline fracture on my upper arm turned into a frozen shoulder, the recovery from which took over three months of my life. My doctor, while competent, did not explain much except it happened, and I needed to go to PT. I got a long list of PT practitioners, made some cold calls, and ended up at SportsFit just purely through fate. The front desk person they had at the time (she is no longer there, for good reason) misquoted the price - SportsFit it turns out, is out of network for my insurance. Rick, the owner, honored the price I was quoted anyway, even when it cost him money out of his pocket. He is a genuinely kind, caring and concerned practitioner of the healing arts, and everything about the way his business is set up, and the people he hires flows from that. He was able to explain so much that my doctor didn't, and really help me through some emotional hurdles when I hit the wall with my therapy and started turning into a serious whiner.

Rick is a truly gifted healer. But he surrounds himself with people who are as well. Even if you can't get in to see him, because he's booked up, don't be discouraged -- you will be in good hands with the other PTs. Everyone there, from the other PTS to the trainers who take you through your exercises, to the **sports injury focused** massage therapists (seriously, AMAZING) on staff, is top notch. And if you have to go here a few times a week, for months on end, you really start to appreciate that. After a while it starts to feel less like PT and more like family. I even followed them when they moved locations to a place that was a serious pain in the ass to get to from my apartment in rush-hour traffic. It's been almost a year since I stopped going to PT here, but sometimes I still find myself just wanting to stop in to say hi. Really. Just good people here.

Elisa R. (Back Patient):

I had a lumbar fusion revision 5/31, and began PT with Rebecca as the therapist and Gavan as my tech. LOVE it here! Suzy is amazing at the front desk. They do take insurance, but I pay out of pocket because this center IS that good. Check in on Yelp and save $5 on copay! Fast forward 2 weeks - and I sprained my ankle! Both Rebecca and Gavan helped me, and I am confident in my care here! Plus- PARKING is easy, they have Pilates, yoga AND cranial sacral massage therapy! I will be back in great shape very soon! Thank you SportsFit for not just getting me walking, but physically and emotionally strong.

Adam S. (Ankle Patient):

Dr. Rick was fantastic and very honest about what I would need to do to get back to 100%. As a former pro soccer player, i wasnt going to let an injury set in for life and he helped put me on track to full healing. His support staff is great and they emailed me the workouts i could do at home to continue rapid progress. The facilities are fantastic and there is a reason they are quite booked. They know what they are doing. Thank you Rick. –Adam.

Jeanie G. (Lower Back Patient):

While working too many hours at am amazing start-up company, too much sitting/emails/business travel, led to a back injury/sciatic nerve issue which made walking almost impossible without anti-inflammatory, pain medicine and a cane. My body was saying- get moving again but I did not know how to get there. I was referred by my back doctor to SportsFit and after reading the glowing reviews I was happy to try the services out. Within 2 treatments I was feeling less pain and now few months of therapy (stretching, strength exercises, ice/stem, etc) I am on a road on recovering without the need to have an injections or (yikes) surgery. Rick, Phil, Gabby, etc- the whole team is knowledgeable, professional, positive, expert in their field. They push me as needed and are trying out some yoga/hiking events to see how to get their patients working out while building rapport/friendship with others. The facility is new, nice atmosphere and clean. The massage therapist is fantastic. I look forward to trying pilates. The will be adding Saturday sessions soon so I think that will aid all. And...They even have free parking in the back. A huge plus in LA.

I can only say there is no risk to try out SportsFit other than not trying it. Your body deserves it. Thank you Rick and SportsFit for saving my back, aiding in my recovery and giving me confidence as I have more tools/knowledge to ensure I do not experience anther back injury again.

Patricia B. (Hypnotherapist):

I have had a wonderful experience with the personnel at SportsFit and I love the results!

SportsFit has a new state-of-the-art facility and the use of the Spinal decompression machine was an awesome experience for me. The herniated disc that had caused me a lot of pain and discomfort for over a year…was treated by my doctor with three injections that helped relieve 60 percent of the pain. Then physical therapy started at SportsFit and about 75 percent of the pain was relieved. During the physical therapy the use of the spinal decompression machine, accompanied by my commitment to the imagery I did, I am now pain free, happy and grateful. We don't have to live with pain.

Melanie H(Back/Hip):

In 2011, I ruptured a disc in my back. I was in unimaginable pain - until I was referred to Rick Rafael. He's an amazingly talented physical therapist, and I credit my full recovery to him. His staff is also terrific. I still see Rick for tune ups, and recommend him without reservation.

Wendy G. (Athlete):

Dr. Rick Rafael is an exceptional therapist. I am an athlete who has been to many PT's my whole life. Dr. Rafael is the best PT I have ever been treated by.

Patrick L. (Architect):

This is Patrick, Tuesday and Thursday architect with the torn rotator cuff. I just wanted to let you know that due to my insurance I won't be able to continue therapy with you guys. However, I still wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help thus far. You guys did a great job at motivating and helping me understand the process of recovery. If you ever need any referrals or recommendations for skeptical clients, or whom ever it may be, feel free to contact me. I truly enjoyed my experience with you and would definitely prefer that I could continue the rest of my therapy with you guys, but you know how these insurance things can be. Again, thank you and I wish you all nothing but the best in the future.

Katie D. (Westside Breakers Club Soccer Player, Age 11):

Dr. Rick Rafael, This letter is to let you know how much your help means to me and how I deeply appreciate all the assistance you have given me to speed my recovery. I found the time I spent in your care fun. I also learned a lot about being a fit and competitive player though physically demanding weekend soccer tournaments. I feel your recommendations, the extra strength training, stretching and proper taping helped keep me free from injury during the season. It was a pleasure to work with you. You and Nancy are wonderful. I hope, as I advance with my soccer accomplishments you will still find some time to see one of my games and say Hi.

Roy S. (Sciatica patient):

Dr. Rafael is patient and explains carefully and has greatly helped my sciatica. Allowing me to have a more normal life. The exercises he has suggested have all been very helpful. He is pleasant and has an excellent manner along with being extremely knowledgeable.

Leah S. (Patient):

Dr. Rick Rafael successfully took me through a pre-surgery routine after tearing my ACL, MCL and meniscus while skiing last December to a post-surgery routine to get me back to the activities that I enjoy the most. He personalized my rehab and each session to how I was feeling and what he thought I was capable of doing on that particular day. He kept me motivated and focused to reach my ultimate goals. He has the knowledge and experience to get you back as quickly as possible. Nine and a half months after the surgery I was able to ski again without any pain. Further, the facility is clean, comfortable, accessible and has everything you'll need to achieve a successful recovery.

Sara M. (Patient):

I was fortunate to be refereed to Dr. Rafael by my neurosurgeon. He is not only very professional and knowledgeable, but also very kind and caring..He handled my chronic injury with such loving care that i decided to go back to him after having a cervical discectomy and fusion. He has introduced me to a whole new way of moving and stretching and i love the one to one time that i get at his facility..I truly appreciate Dr. Rafael's positive energy, support and understanding of my needs.

Ida W. (Patient):

Dr. Rafael is a true professional. He is very patient and conveys instructions very well. He has helped me so much with my physical issues in a short span of time. Dr. Rafael is definitely a credit to his profession.
Thank you.

David T. (Post-Op SLAP Repair):

Despite what you may or may not have heard, the quality of physical therapy you receive after an injury or surgery can have a drastic impact on how well you ultimately recover. Dr. Rick Rafael is an extremely qualified and experienced physical therapist who has done orthopedic residency and who also has a background in personal training and martial arts. I've been recovering from a relatively serious shoulder surgery, and I've been extremely satisfied by the quality of care and top-notch facilities they have at SportsFit. I am on my way to making a 100% full recovery faster than what my surgeon initially suggested!! I absolutely recommend Rick to anyone seeking physical therapy.

Chris F. (Patient):

Here's the skinny: I had a discectomy 2-1/2 yrs ago which was for the most part successful, with chronic mild lower back pain to follow. But for some reason, I've suffered from moderate to severe pain in my upper back, neck, and shoulders, for two years following, which has progressively gotten worse to the point that it was a major inhibitor to work and play, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I've been to every general practioner, spine doctor, chiropractor, etc, for two years, trying desperately to find the problem and solution, to no avail. Finally I went to a sports medicine doc, one whom I have the utmost respect for and who has worked with members of my family for some time - who quickly identified it as muscle imbalances and related issues, and gave me a very strong recommendation to see Rick J Rafael, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist. Even though I highly respected the sports med doc, I still approached the recommendation with a healthy amount of skepticism, because it seems that recommendations within the medical community often amount to nothing more than friends scratching each other's backs. Plus, I'd just come off of two years of failed diagnoses and treatments. However, I soon learned that this recommendation was not a mere "back-scratching" among friends. The recommendation was based on the fact that Rick is nothing short of amazing at what he does. A month in, my pain is literally GONE. This is no exaggeration. GONE. 2 years of "chronic" pain, 24/7/365, so much so that it has interrupted my work life, play life, home and family life - has been eradicated in a few short weeks. Muscle imbalances, posture problems, and other repetitive actions and bad habits were all to blame. He first made the recommendations that would allow the pain to dissipate, and then followed that up with a combination of strengthening exercises to begin to rebuild the muscles in my shoulders and back and restore them to their natural state - along with my posture, massage and muscle work, taping, and other things, that combined, are quickly restoring my health. I have had my first pain free two weeks in 2 1/2 years. In addition, I have suffered from migraines for over 10 years, and in the past several years - it has been a once or twice a week occurrence. I have not had a migraine in three weeks either - because many of them were being triggered by the pain in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. Now I am young, so age and the nature of a condition will certainly dictate recovery speed - but I cannot say enough, you cannot put yourself in better hands than with Rick. And no, I am not a paid endorsement - nor do I know Rick outside his PT practice - I am simply a very thankful client - who wants anyone else considering his practice to know about my experience.

Julie L. (Patient):

Rick Rafael is the most talented, knowledgeable, informative and compassionate physical therapists I've seen, He is very intelligent and capable. He took time to explain his course of treatment. He also planned a rehab program for me to do in his facility and at home. He worked with me to make sure I was performing all the exercises correctly, with infinite patience. He is always on time and efficient. Before I saw Rick I had been treated by three other physical therapists who were not able to provide benefit. I recommend Rick whole heartedly and without reservation. His results are excellent.

Brandon W. (Patient):

I try and live an active lifestyle which at times can lead to injury...well, two years ago I herniated a disc in my lower back (for those with back injuries, you know this can be painful). Lucky for me I was referred to Dr. Rick Rafael (SportsFit). This was the first time I had needed Physical Therapy but I instantly felt confident that I was in good hands and on the right path to recovery.

Unfortunately, like most lower back problems my injury returned after a couple years of being pain free. I immediately knew what to do which was seek out Rick again! I knew SportsFit would push me in the right direction and ultimately get me in better shape than I was in before the injury occurred. I was right, its been another great experience working with Rick at his SportsFit Therapy office.

I highly recommend SportsFit Physical Therapy and Fitness. Injuries are tough to overcome but you'll be glad SportsFit is here to help you along the way. Thanks again Rick!

Jeanette D. (Patient):

Dr. Rick Rafael is very professional, knowledgeable and caring. My personal recovery from hip surgery was a challenging physical and mental process for me as this injury affected several other parts of my body which needed to be strengthened and re-aligned. With Rick's positive energy, support and true understanding of my needs my therapy sessions gave me a new outlook on my road to recovery and becoming a healthier me. I actually Iooked forward to my therapy sessions. He taught me many exercises which I took away and have easily applied to my regular work-outs to maintain my hip as well as overall body maintenance. The SportsFit facility is very professional and a motivating environment. The location is very convenient. I highly recommend Rick for any type of physical therapy needs.

Matt K. (Dr. Sofia Costa's Patient):

Dr. Costa is simply the best. I've been to several different therapist all over Los Angeles for a torn ligament in my shoulder. And after 2 years of pain and discomfort and not being able to do the things I love like surfing, I found Sofia at sports fit. She's intuitive, knowledge and listens. She didn't stick to just one plan. She adapted as my symptoms changed. And then finally she solved the problem. I had no idea my shoulder/neck could be so pain free. It hasn't felt this good in ten years. Thanks to her I'm back in the water. Her smile and enthusiasm is contagious.