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Sports Performance

About Sports Performance:

SportsFit Physical Therapy & Fitness | Sports Performance | Santa Monica CA Through our performance enhancement programs at SportsFit Physical Therapy, clients will learn how to enhance athletic performance while preventing injruy, as well as how to achieve the greatest amount of success at staying active, healthy and fit. Our performance enhancement program consists of unique manual therapy techniques in addition to an individualized training program which facilitates enhanced athletic performance for athletes of all levels. SportsFit Physical Therapy offers performance assessment, sport-specific training, and evidence-based physical therapy techniques, which have shown remarkable results with professional athletes as well as weekend warriors. SportsFit's performance enhancement programs are based on movement science, including static and dynamic postural analysis, gait analysis, running techniques, and sport specific passive and active body alignment and physical corrections or adjustments. At SportsFit Physical Therapy we understand the need for athletes to constantly perform at high levels and still avoid injury. To help athletes succeed, our therapeutic assessments and interventions, as well as highly individualized, sport-specific training programs allow athletes achieve the highest amount of success at improving athletic performance while preventing injury.

Fitness & Training

SportsFit Physical Therapy offers fitness and personal training sessions, injury assessment, as well as performance enhancement programs to all clients. Our goal is to assist athletes of all nature (weekend warriors, recreational athletes, and professional athletes) in optimizing function, performance and athletic ability in their desired sport.