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Therapeutic Yoga

About Therapeutic Yoga:

SportsFit Physical Therapy's vision includes offering an array of treatment options in order to obtain the most optimized recovery. Yoga therapy is one form of therapeutic exercise that is used at SportFit to enhance the outcome of treatment for our clients. Individuals intending to return to a healthy yoga practice, ones requiring mobility, flexibility, and strengthening may be assigned therapeutic yoga exercises in order to better prepare for their future goals. Yoga therapy at SportsFit is performed on a one-on-one basis under the supervision of a doctor of physical therapy and with specific goals and intentions based on each individual's unique circumstances. Clients will learn to complete a yoga flow and are taught modifications based on their injury, and lean the proper way of performing poses and yoga techniques. At SportsFit, we believe that this individualized, supervised, and guided practice will allow our clients to safely return to a full yoga practice. If you intend to return to yoga and have had difficulty returning to your practice, schedule a session with a SportsFit yoga therapist. Therapy is creating the reality of utilizing self knowledge in order to treat a source of impairment. Yoga therapy is applied to recover from injury and in order to maintain health. In yoga, healing occurs by movement and by promoting the flow or breath (prana). SportsFit yoga therapy sessions are offered one-on-one in order to assure proper form and to avoid common mistakes made when personal attention is not made in the practice of yoga. Yoga therapy leads to a better understanding of our unique body and to gain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. At SportsFit, our belief is that the body is not just matter, and in order to treat any dysfunction, a multi-disciplinary approach which, includes attention to the mind and the body, is required for a complete and optimized recovery.

Meet our Yoga Therapist:

Malachi Grieves

Malachi Grieves, CYT

Certified Yoga Therapist

Malachi is a graduate from University of Colorado at Boulder. She has been teaching yoga since 1996 and holds a 500 E-RYT Yoga Alliance instructor certificate. In her primary years she studied with YogaWorks founder, Maty Esraty, and to this day considers Maty her primary influence. Prior to teaching yoga Malachi was a licensed massage therapist and competitive cross-country runner.

Malachi Grieves - Active Yoga Pose

Inspired by her athletic background, love of anatomy, and the experience of a back injury, Malachi incorporates strong, intelligent, and mindful instructions in her sessions, sequencing her therapeutic poses around anatomical and philosophical themes. She infuses an awareness of breath, the deeper teachings of yoga philosophy, life understanding, personal attention, and intelligent hands-on adjustments and cueing.

Malachi is most influenced by teachers in her life who have shown a deep understanding of the body, elegance of spirit, humility, and kindness. She has appeared on the cover of Yoga Journal and twice on the cover of Yoga International. Malachi has taught over twenty 200-hour YogaWorks teacher training classes and is a mentor in the 300-hour program.

Treatment Philosophy:
Yoga Therapy addresses the multiple layers of a person; body, mind, and breath. Looking to bring harmony, balance, stability, and conform to the person as a "whole".