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Pilates for Men at SportsFit

Pilates exercises are utilized at SportsFit for core strengthening, trunk stability, scapulothoracic stability, postural improvements, and overall strengthening. Although Pilates has been more popular among females, Pilates exercises offer several positive benefits for men as well. Here are some of the benefits specific to our male clients:

  1. The initial sessions with our new male clients usually start by the introduction of subtle, lower resistance movements indicated for neuromuscular stability and balance versus high resistance movements men are used to with powerlifting or weight training exercises. Rather than focusing on the larger more developed muscles, Pilates exercises focus on the often neglected, local stabilizers.
  2. Pilates exercises also help improve flexibility simultaneously while building strength. Most men are less flexible than most women. This is mostly due to the type of activities and exercises that are performed by each gender. Due to the challenge men often feel with their flexibility, when first starting a Pilates routine, most men tend to shy away from Pilates. However, at SportsFit we have found that men who stick with Pilates and continue their Pilates training beyond the initial few visits, benefit from greater rewards such as improved flexibility and posture while gaining stability and strength. This in turn helps prevent injuries such as muscle strains and reduces overall stiffness.
  3. Because of the focus on breathing and using breath with movement a feeling of being refreshed and relaxed is accomplished after every Pilates session, leading to reduction of daily stress.
  4. Another area of benefit for guys is that because almost all Pilates exercises use the core by activating the abdominals (transverse abdominal muscle), it helps build the foundation for stronger abdominal muscles and the achievement of six pack abs.
  5. Finally, Since Pilates exercises strengthen the core and the pelvic floor, men who practice Pilates regularly tend to have greater control of their pelvis floor, leading to better stamina in their daily and sexual activities.