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Back to Skateboarding!!!

Hi guys! My name is Noelle Mulligan. I am a professional stunt woman, action sports enthusiast, and regular explorer. this past October, I got into a gnarly surfing accident. I was knocked off of the wave, the board came back and deeply sliced my ankle, As well as crushed the nerves, blood vessels and muscle tissue directly below my left ankle bone. It left my foot inverted, super swollen, unable to walk, run, apart from any of my regular activities that include skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, training for stunts, and all-around active lifestyle. After my surgery, I was referred to SportsFit Physical Therapy by my friend JJ Blaisdell, who was a physical therapist assistant at the time. She had told me about one of their doctors, Kyle Brown, who also was a skateboarding enthusiast, and an apparent wizard with ankles (I'll let you in on a secret, he is).

When I first got to physical therapy, I was in the worst of ways. I was super depressed, super sick from all of the pain meds, couldn't eat, and could barely get the energy together to put on anything besides my favorite sweatshirt that read 'sure man' in the corner with matching big gray sweatpants. I would hide underneath my hats, and the first few weeks of PT were almost unbearable. They were so painful, so frustrating, and I was completely discouraged. My PT team consists of the wonderful front desk staff, including Joslyn, who has always been so kind, skateboard legend Dr. Kyle Brown, his super sweet and funny assistant Edwin, as well as the occasional pop-in appointment with the smart and rad Dr. Lauren and JJ.

From the moment that I stepped into sports fit I was always treated with respect, kindness, understanding, and most of all compassion, when I was in such a dark space and couldn't see the end of it. My injury affected my health, my lifestyle, my job, and my ability to support myself. It was a really scary time, and I can't tell you how many times I cried underneath my hat while there, yet always met with the best care possible in a physical therapy team. Kyle was a never ending supply of encouragement and help, his knowledge and skill set with the human body and fixing it back together is unmatched, and Edwin always had a joke for me when I could barely crack a smile. And a hug whenever I feel like I couldn't do anymore reps with the monster they called 'bands'. What The SportsFit team may not know is, that during those dark days, coming in two or three days a week were the highlight of my day, sometimes they felt like the only time that I was going to get better.

Noelle Mulligan Snowboarding
I spent four months at least two days a week with my team, they even developed exercises specific for me with the skateboard, and games that I could play so I didn’t get bored. I'm officially back to skateboarding, snowboarding and yesterday I went surfing for the first time since my accident. I also recently shot a commercial where I was driving two cars that were both manual, with my injured foot being able to handle the clutch, so gratifying! I could never put into words how grateful I am for The team at sports fit physical therapy for all they have done for me in putting me back together, I definitely am no Humpty Dumpty! How could I be with such an excellent team like that? Thank you for everything. And to those just beginning this PT journey after a recent accident, have faith in yourself, you’re stronger than you know, and at sports fit you will be surrounded by the best care and team you can find, they won’t give up on you even when you feel like giving up yourself. Aloha!