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Fitness & Training

SportsFit Physical Therapy offers fitness and personal training sessions, injury assessment, as well as performance enhancement programs to all clients. Our goal is to assist athletes of all nature (weekend warriors, recreational athletes, and professional athletes) in optimizing function, performance and athletic ability in their desired sport.

Meet Our Personal Trainer:

Benny Benjamin

Benny Benjamin, CPT

Certified Personal Trainer

Benny’s passion for health and fitness began when he started to train in martial arts at the age of 12. He now holds a 2nd degree black belt in Hapkido and has been practicing for over 22 years. Benny is trained in Yoga, Muay Tai, Shotokan, Aikido and Tae Kwondo. Benny’s original training was by a master with an eastern philosophy concentrating on the lines of energy in the body (Chi/Ki) versus individual muscles. Benny became a certified trainer in 1992 and acquired his yoga teacher diploma from Yogaworks in 2012. Benny’s focus has been in training and rehabilitating of clients with injuries.

Treatment Philosophy:
Our body is a balance of mind, body, and spirit, which translate into alignment, joint neutralization and proper movement. My treatment approach is breath behind every movement, which strengthens the core.