Interview with Dr. Ryan Greene, Sports and Integrative Medicine Physician

Interview with Dr. Ryan Greene,
Sports and Integrative Medicine Physician

What type of patients will benefit from seeing you?

Everyone benefits from an integrative evaluation as the integrative and preventive field of medicine aims to evaluate an individual from a holistic perspective, so they may appreciate optimal physiologic performance. As one practices preventive maintenance on their motor vehicle, the human body also requires similar intervention as it is a highly complex mechanism that benefits from early intervention instead of the reactive model we have employed for decades.

What type of services do you provide?

  • Sports Medicine/General medical evaluation
  • Integrative Medical evaluation (including Complementary and Alternative medical recommendation)
  • Nutritional and dietary assessment and recommendation
  • PRP and other regenerative therapeutic intervention
  • Intramuscular and intravenous compounded vitamin therapy
  • Sports performance assessment

What other treatment options you offer or recommend?

Comprehensive health and wellness recommendations are offered that include nutritional and therapeutic recovery modalities to allow for optimal physiologic performance can be prescribed

What do you do on your leisure time when you are not at work?

When not in clinic, I enjoy the myriad of recreational activities Southern California has to offer. As a practitioner who firmly believes one should practice what they preach, I aim to be a leader in my personal endeavors to provide a sustainable model others may follow and jointly participate.

What is your treatment philosophy?

My principal belief is that integration of a constantly collaborative, holistic, evidence-based practice is crucial for an individual's sustained success.

What else do you like your patients to know about you?

I am a lululemon ambassador (Century City) and co-founder of a fitness based non-profit for men, The Ohana-Kane Project (IG: @ohanakaneproject) that aims to provide a platform for men to find fellowship, connection, mentorship, and community built around movement and sweat while giving back and supporting local charitable and service organizations.

Now Offering
  • Metabolic and Body Composition Evaluation
  • Hormonal Evaluation and Therapy via lab panels
  • Joint and soft tissue injections including PRP, Stem Cell, and Hyaluronic Acid
  • Individualized IV Vitamin Therapy based on lab values
  • IV Katime Therapy
  • Nutrition and Sports Performance Consultation

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