Physical Therapy as a Preventive Measure

A physical therapy session for an adult patient

Physical therapy has experienced a transformative evolution over the years, shifting its primary focus from a reactionary response to injuries to a proactive approach aimed at preventing them. With PT in West Los Angeles, CA, the shift is evident. Contrary to popular belief, physical therapy isn’t limited to the aftermath of an injury; its benefits […]

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Movement Heals

A group of women in a Pilates class

Since a long time ago, movement has played a pivotal role in our well-being. Historians, digging deep into ancient scripts and scrolls, unearth stories of our forefathers leveraging movement as an elixir. They recognized the tangible connection between rhythmic motion and holistic recovery. Our bodies are marvelously designed. They react to movement, not just as […]

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Quality Care in Physical Therapy

An athlete on an orthopedic session

Quality care in physical therapy, especially when it pertains to orthopedic and sports-related issues, is an absolute necessity. In the bustling city of West Los Angeles, California, individuals seeking enhanced recovery and functionality find refuge in top-notch physical therapy services tailored to their unique needs and goals. Orthopedic and sports physical therapy in West Los […]

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Three Ways to Prevent Injury in CrossFit

When participating in CrossFit, as with any fitness regimen, there is inherent risk of injury. Currently, the evidence suggests injury risk with CrossFit is comparable to regular gym training and triathlon training, while still having lower risk than contact sports 1.With the high intensity and complex movements characteristic of CrossFit comes equally high prerequisite mobility […]

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Back to Skateboarding!!!

Hi guys! My name is Noelle Mulligan. I am a professional stunt woman, action sports enthusiast, and regular explorer. this past October, I got into a gnarly surfing accident. I was knocked off of the wave, the board came back and deeply sliced my ankle, As well as crushed the nerves, blood vessels and muscle […]

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B-12 Shots Available at SportsFit beginning May 2nd!

Beginning May 2rd, you can now receive your B12 shots at SportsFit. Vitamin B12 is a water soluble essential vitamin found in seafood, red meat, eggs, dairy and fortified cereals. B12 is required for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells and many other parts of the body. Lack of adequate […]

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Git Fit for Los Angeles Marathon 2017

Sarah Noble: I signed up for the Los Angeles Marathon (my first marathon) this past summer to run for Kiss the Sky to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes and funds for the Faustman Lab, which is currently conducting phase 2 human clinical trials in hopes to cure the disease. My sister Kate has Type […]

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Pilates for Men at SportsFit

Pilates exercises are utilized at SportsFit for core strengthening, trunk stability, scapulothoracic stability, postural improvements, and overall strengthening. Although Pilates has been more popular among females, Pilates exercises offer several positive benefits for men as well. Here are some of the benefits specific to our male clients: The initial sessions with our new male clients […]

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Benefits and Application of Foam Rolling in Physical Therapy

Some of the goals of using a foam roller during a patient’s rehabilitation include improving performance and flexibility, reducing post exercise soreness, reduce recovery time and help alleviate muscle pain/tightness. The term used for Foam rolling in physical therapy is “self-myofascial release”. “Fascia” refers to the connective tissue that binds muscles together. By applying pressure […]

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